Semis line up drawn in Junior Billiards

October 29, 2019, Jammu

Billiards, Snooker27th Jammu District Billiards and Snooker Championships


Semifinals position has been cleared in the Junior Billiards event in the ongoing 27th Jammu District Billiards and Snooker Championships at Billiards Hall, MA Stadium, here on Tuesday.

Cueists reaching the last four stages of the competition included Ansh Chopra, Rishab Arora, Stanzin Stobtan and Ananya Mahajan.

Earlier, eight cueists registered themselves for the event and out of them four made it to the third round of semifinals.

Meanwhile, as per the organisers, J&K Billiards and Snooker Association, tomorrow shall be the last date for entries for the Senior Snooker event.

The Results: Quarterfinals: Ansh Chopra beat Akash Mahajan 2-1 (50-38, 50-29); Rishab Arora beat Manav Pathania 2-1 (50-48, 50-36); Stanzin beat Sanad Sharma 2-1 (50-27, 37-50, 50-48); Ananya Mahajan beat Aasim Rashid 2-0 (50-17, 50-29). Pre-quarterfinals: Stanzin beat Krish Gupta 2-0 (50-46, 50-12); Akash Mahajan beat Akshat Gupta 2-0 (50-28, 50-08); Ananya Mahajan beat Adhar Gupta 2-0 (52-16, 50-41); Ansh Chopra beat Sourav Santya 2-1 (51-36, 38-52, 50-48); Manav Pathania beat Danish Gupta 2-1 (50-14, 31-50, 50-19); Aasim Rashid beat Mohit Sharma 2-1 (50-34, 46-50, 50-21); Rishav Arora beat Vansh Gupta 2-1 (50-47, 48-50, 50-38); Sanad Sharma beat Abhirath Gulati 2-1 (50-44, 38-50, 50-28).

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