Science Express : Board the ongoing science rail exhibition for students

The science express is an ingenious and innovative mobile science exhibition conducted by the Department of Science and Technology, govt. of India. The exhibition on wheels is staged on 16 coach AC train. The project basically targets students and teachers with the sole objective of promoting young talented minds in the field of Science and Technology.

The mega outreach programme commenced in the year 2007 and has now successfully completed its 9 phases. The first four phases (2007-2011) were named ‘science express’ and they primarily focused on the theme of micro and macro cosmos.

The next three phases (2012-2014) were named ‘Science Express Biodiversity Special’ – SEBS on the theme of biodiversity.

The last two phases (2015-2017) were named ‘Science Express Climate Action Special’ (SECAS) and was redesigned on the theme of climate change.

The event is managed under the supervision of Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC). Till the completion of the 8th phase which ended on May 7, 2016, this unique project of mobile science exhibition has travelled for 1,41,800 km, had 455 halts, had 1602 running days and has been visited by more than 1.56 crore people (majorly by students and teachers) thus recording its name into the Limca book of Records for being the largest, longest and most visited mobile science exhibition.

The 9th phase (ongoing) exhibition
Owing to the brilliant success and response, DST in collaboration with MoEFCC and DBT, govt. Of India launched the 9th phase of Science Express on the theme ‘Climate Change’. The ongoing phase started on February 17, 2017 and would last till September 8, 2017 with 68 halts in between.

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