SASA: Raahil Baig wins three gold medals to emerge as best athlete

February 20, 2020, Mumbai

AthleticsInter-School Athletics Championships


Podar Internationals’ Raahil Baig aggregated 15 points with three gold medals in the SASA (Schools Association for Sports and Athletics) 2nd inter-school athletics championships, at the University Stadium, Marine Lines.

Both Abdullah Khanyari (Ecole Mondtale World) in the boys under-18 and Aryan Rathi (Mount Litera Int.) in the under-14 missed out for the third gold. Abdullah after winning golds in 200m and 400 missed out as he was pipped at the post by his teammate Jai Agarwal in the 200m event, while Aryan was beaten in the 100m sprint by Rajat Gothi of Fountainhead from Surat after winning the 200m and 400m events.

Overall boys and girls from Surat’s Fountainhead school excelled as their school aggregated 130 points.

The champions

Girls (U-16): E Pandya (BIllabong High); Under-14: S Mendes (Don Bosco Int.), Under-12: T Krishnan (JBCN Int.); Under-10: R Kohli (Mount Litera), Under-8: A Wagh (Rustomjee Cambridge)

Boys (U-18): A Khanyari (Ecole Mondtale World); Under-16: R Baig (Podar Int. Thane); Under-14: A Rathi (Mount Litera); Under-12: I Jhingan (Adity Birla Aca); Under-10: D Rathi (Fountainhead, Surat); Under-8: V Yadav (Rustomjee Camb.) & A Vaswani (HVB Global Aca)


Boys (U-18): 100m: A Khanyari (Ecole Mondtale World), 200m: J Agarwal (Ecole Mondtale World), Long jump: A Khanyari (Ecole Mondtale World), Under-16: 100m: S Singh (Dr. S Radhakrishnan Int), 200m: R Baig (Podar Int. Cambridge-Thane), 400m: R Baig (Podar Int.Cambridge-Thane), 800m: R Baig (Podar Int., Thane), Long jump: S Bhansali (Fountainhead, Surat), Javelin: A Sanap (HVB Global Aca), Discus: R Yadav (Bomba Camb-Andheri); Under-14: 100m: R Gothi (Fountainhead, Surat), 200m: A Rathi (Mount Litera Int.); 400m: A Rathi (Mount Litera Int.); Long Jump: R Gothi (Fountainhead, Surat); Shot Put: N Patel (Fountainhead, Surat); Discus: N Patel (Fountainhead, Surat). Under-12: 100m: K Gandhi (Utpal Shanghvi Global), 200m: Ishaan Jhingan (Aditya Birla World Academy); Javelin: Vivaan Goel (RBK Int.); Shot put: D Savalia (Fountainhead, Surat); Long jump: A Desai (Fountainhead, Surat); Under-10: 50m: D Rathi (Fountainhead, Surat), 100m:H Shah (Utpal Shanghvi Global); Long jump: D Rathi (Fountainhead, Surat); J Thakur Fountainhead, Surat); Javelin Throw: Rudra Agarwal (RBK Int Aca)

Girls (U-16): 100m: E Pandya (Bilabong Int); 200m: E Pandya (Billabong Int.); 400m: A Kothari (Mount Litera Int); Long jump: J Bhatia (Fountainhead, Surat); Shot put: A Khurana (Fountainhead, Surat). Under-14: 100m: J Parchwani (Fountainhead, Surat); 200m: M Verma (Don Bosco Int); 400m: M Verma (Don Bosco Int); Discus: S Mendes (Don Bosco Int.); Long jump: D Sutaria (Fountainhead, Surat); Shot put: S Mendes (Don Bosco Int.). Under-12: 100m: T Bhatt (Utpal Sanghavi Global); 200m: K Bhatia (Fountainhead, Surat); Long Jump: T Krishnan (JBCN Int); Shot Put: T Krishnan

(JBCN Int); Under-10: 50m: R Kohli (Mount Litera Int.); 100m: R Kohli (Mount Litera Int.); Shot Put: F Panjwani (Fountainhead, Surat); Javelin Throw: H Shah (RBL Int.); Long Jump: Ayaana Agarwal (JBCN Int)