Sakshi claims gold in World Youth Boxing Championship

September 1, 2018, Delhi


Former Junior Boxing Champion Sakshi Chaudhary from the 57kg category has won gold for the nation in the World Youth Boxing Championship. In the final match against Nikolina of Croatia, Sakshi formed her way to the top spot of the podium.

Sakshi’s win in the final match helped her to win the title of World Youth Boxing Champion. Manisha (64 kg) and Anamika (51 kg) were the other medalist from India as both the boxers in their respective category clinched the Silver medal.

Jani (60 kg) and Aastha Pahva (75 kg) Ankita Khatana (60 kg) and Neha Yadav (81 Plus) category triggered for the bronze medal in the Youth Boxing Championship.

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