Saint Thomas School wins singing competition

August 11, 2018

Music competition

Saint Thomas School grabbed the singing competition trophy in the prestigious Annual Function competition of the Saint Jude’s School. On Friday near the Shimla Bypass Chowk the singing competition was inaugurated by the officials of the school.

Senior Journalist Satish Sharma was invited as the chief guest of the annual function. In his speech to all the students of the school, the journalist boosted confidence of all the students to do something worth in their life. In the competition total 7 different schools from the nearby school marked their presence.

Different groups of students formed melodious layer in the environment with Hindi as well as English songs. Different school’s group such as Carman School Dalanwala, Hilton School, Shri Ram Centennial School, Saint Thomas College, Saint Javier School, and Saint Jude’s School students marked their presence.

In the duet category of the competition, groups sung famous Indian songs such as the Pal Har Pal, Pehla Nasha Pehla Khuma and many other hit Bollywood songs. In groups category of the competitions, different groups mesmerized the surroundings with melodious songs.

In the singles category of the tournament, Pasang Dalma and Jaibaiz Gurung forms great enjoyment for the audience. In the competition, Chief Guest Satish Sharma honored all the winners. On this occasion V.R Gardner, W. Gardner and different school’s teachers marked their presence.

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