Saint Joseph School team and Army Public School team progressed towards next stage of Basketball Championship

September 12, 2018, Dehradun


Saint Joseph team along with Army Public school debuted the first edition of Brother VP Barnard Memorial U14 Girls Basketball Tournament with win. The tournament kicks-off on Tuesday at the Saint Joseph Academy.

The inaugural match of the tournament was played in between Saint Joseph Academy B team and Shigally Hills International Academy teams. The Saint Joseph B team claimed 63-12 mammonth win and progressed towards the next level of the tournament. In the second match of the day, Army School team dominated the match against Doon Girls School with 16-08 scoreline.

Saint Joseph Academy’s Principal Brother Babu Vargis and Director of SJA Alumini Association Randhir Arora together announced the start of the tournament before the scheduled matches for the day.

School: Army Public School, St. Joseph's Academy

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