Saina Nehwal: The Indian legend of badminton world

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India is a country where every parent want their kid to be the best in academics. In contrast to this, being the citizens of India, Saina’s parents never expected something special for their daughter. Yes! You heard it right. They dreamt of something different for their beloved daughter who is now world’s popular sports star.


Who is Saina Nehwal?

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We all know Saina Nehwal, the most iconic female athlete and badminton champion of India. Being the daughter of former badminton champions; Harvir Singh and Usha Rani, she got inspiration from her own parents. She was not born and brought up in a metro city, but a small city; Hisar located in Haryana, India on 17th March 1990.

At the age of 8, her family got relocated to Hyderabad where her parents started shaping her career for bright future. Her father always wanted to see her daughter as a badminton champion of the nation and we all can see his incredible efforts.

Let us see, how it actually went.


Saina’s training as a kid:

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Saina’s father worked with CCS HAU in Hisar and now working as a scientist in one of the universities of Hyderabad worked very hard and withdrew all his savings from Provident Fund’s account to train her daughter from the best coaches and institutions.

Lal Bahadur Stadium was located at 25 kms of distance from her home where she received her first training from Nani Prasad. Her father and mother played a crucial role as they not only searched the best training institute, but also woke up every morning at 4 am to drop her on scooter.

With her parents support and motivation, she continued with her studies and training from Nani Prasad followed by S.M. Arif and Pullela Gopichand.

S.M. Arif was one of the renowned instructor at that time and Pullela Gopichand owned an academy which is well-known as Pullela Gopichand Academy. With the hard work of her parents to get her trained under the reputed trainers, she participated in India Satellite Tournament of badminton in 2003 for the first time where she ranked among top 16.

Further, she continued being the part of such national and international tournaments with the support of her parents and now we all can see their hard work is still paying for her.


What happened, when Saina underwent dark phase:

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Success do not remain the same till there is a consistency in the inspiration. The same applied on Saina as she underwent the depression. Many times, she took hard decisions as there was a time when she kept losing to the top players. So, last year she gave a thought of quitting the badminton and it was a dark time in her career.

Even people started saying her, ‘Saina your career is finished’. But after every dark night, there is a beautiful morning. With her parents inspiration, she again started her career with a new enthusiasm.

And now, we all can see her as a first woman badminton player who won a medal in Olympics, 21 titles till date and ranked first among the badminton players. Now, she is continuing with her training under the coach Vimal Kumar. In 2016, she has been also declared to receive Padma Bhushan – India’s third highest civilian award. We are expecting her to achieve similar laurels in future with same enthusiasm.

What you must learn?

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In India, it might sound difficult for a girl hailing from a middle class family and living in a small city. But hard-work, inspiration and right guidance is all that can polish the hidden talent of a child such that he/she can gain worldwide popularity.

Be it training, dieting or motivating, Saina’s parents always played a crucial role in her success. They are one of the inspirations for all those parents who can realize their kid’s potential and can give them a bright future, career and world fame.

Have you also dreamt of giving a unique future career to your kid? If yes, then this was the right place where you can get inspired from the success story of Saina and the role of her parents in her life.



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