Rudraksha left for athletics state championship

January 24, 2019, Ghaziabad, Meerut

AthleticsLong Jump

Players of Ghaziabad will also show their talent in U.P. state youth athletics championship which will held in Allahabad or Lucknow. Rudraksha Tomar student of DPSG Meerut Road left on Wednesday, so he can take part in the championship. District association secretary Lekharam Choudhary told that the championship will start from Wednesday. He also told that many district will take part in the championship. Rudraksha is taking part in long jump and in 2018 he won the gold medal. Championship will take place in Lucknow on 27th and 28th January and 8 players of Ghaziabad will participate in it.

School: The DPSG International

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