Ruchi and Puja grabs all attention in debate competition

July 20, 2018, Greater Noida

DebateDebate Competition

Marigold Public School in Greater Noida hosted school-level debate competition on Thursday. The competition witnessed showcase of talent from different young orators and their presence of mind.

For students in lower class Jam session created great joy, 5th to 8th class students were challenged to pass through the Extempore challenge to check their presence of mind and students from class 6th to 12th surprized the judges with their knowledge as they spoke for certain topics for straight 5 to 6 minutes in their spell.

In Jam session, little champs Dimple Sharma earned the top spot followed by Lavish Bhadhana and Vanshika as the second and third spot gainers. Sudhanshu emerged as a good orator to grab top spot in Extempore competition, Saksham Nagar and Prachi Nagar shared the other vacant spots in the competition. In 6th to 8th class category, Ruchi Nagar was announced as the winner with Aayushi Nagar and Khushi Nagar as the first and second runners-up in the competition.

Pooja Singh stands out amongst all the participants in class 8th to 12th category to finish the competition with ace remarks, Pooja’s speech was followed by Navin and Isha Bhati who were named as the second and third best debate competitors in the category.

School: Marigold Public School

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