Row over debarring MCM DAV-36 team

November 27, 2018, Chandigarh

BasketballSenior State Basketball Championship


Chandigarh Basketball Association debarred MCM DAV College Club, Sector 36 (I), team for fielding one of its players in two teams during the Senior State Basketball Championship at New Public School, Sector 18.

The club fielded two teams (I and II) in the championship and the organisers alleged that one of the player played in both the teams. MCM DAV College Club coach Vijay Kumar Rana alleged that the organisers are harassing the players and they have submitted no proof to support their claim either to the college or to the team’s supporting staff, till date.

“They have no proof against us. I have not received any written communication from the organisers. The player in question was part of only one team. My team wore different kits in both their matches and they are circulating pictures without knowing the actual situation,” he said. “The referees and other panelists were present at the spot and checked the proformer of each player
before their respective matches. Then, how could one player play in two teams? Also, why the match was not stopped at that time,” he asked.

The organisers claimed that the written statement along with the proof has been sent to the college. “The coach is unaware about his team players. One of the players played for two different teams, which is wrong as per rules. The match officials were caught unaware, but later, we acted on the complaint of one of the participating teams. The team has been punished as per the rules and regulations of the national association. We cannot do injustice to any team,” said Jugraj Singh, vice-president Chandigarh Basketball Association.

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