Revitalized Homemade DIY Sports Drink Recipes Worth Trying

Balancing calorie-torching session with simple and plain water is not a good idea at all. Your passionate workout session causes lost of large portion of electrolytes from your body, not refueling it with adequate boost-up drink will make you feel fatigued and sleepy throughout the day. Ready made energy drinks are not good idea as they add more cost with large proportion of calories in your body.

To better infuse portion of stamina in your body, we have enlisted list of delicious homemade sports drinks. Easy DIY based drinks to citrus filled energetic drinks, we have got something special for different kinds of athletes. Next time after sweating out in field, don’t forget to refuel your energy meter.

  • Ginger Electrolyte Sports Drink
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    Do you feel bit queasy after long and intensified practice session? You are advised to must try homemade drink that uses easily available ingredient- ginger water as its base. The tangy taste of the solution will help to calm your stomach, ginger also proves boon to reduce soreness and muscle pain.

  • Sports Drink infused with Cranberry & Maple

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    Taking adequate portion of Vitamin C helps you to say good-bye to tiredness. This cranberry sports drink offers delicious tangy taste and helps you to replenish depleted electrolytes. Combination of Maple syrup and star anise blend proves to give it a savory and sweet flavor combination.

  • Low Energy Drink: Lemon-Lime-Lay

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    Coconut water can be solely fit itself in the category of enriched energy drink. The following recipe is called as the tropical treat for the sports lover; it contains portions of lime, sea salt, sugar and natural derived sweet version of Gatorade.

  • Workout Drink: Coconut Watermelon

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    Watermelon is great source of energy, it helps in reducing muscle soreness after tough workout, the fruit also work as antioxidant and represent itself as great source of lycopene that improves heart health. Drops of lime juice and coconut water offers you more refreshing and delicious taste than you will get in its ready made bottle.

  • Sports Drink Infused with Strawberry

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    Infusions are not just your boozy beverages anymore. Steeping overnight this strawberry concoction will surely help you to get new mantra of tasty energy drinks. Strawberry are known for their ability to boost happy hormone in your body allowing you to enjoy every hard situation you strike with, it also keeps away dizziness and helps you to carry out your work.

  • Tart-Cherry Lemon Sports Drink

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    Do you need muscle recovery, the best available source for accomplishing the target is Tart-Cherry Juice. This homemade drink helps in mixing tangy fruit juice with lemon and honey that quickly hits the carbs, available sodium and potassium helps in fueling the hungry muscles.

  • DIY Organic Gatorade

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    If your diet is directed towards all-organic everything, regular sports and energy drink will only disappoint you with its ingredients. To make nutritious filled sports drink for yourself, combine organic coconut water with organic lemons and oranges for sports drink that proves to be free from any sort of chemicals.



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