Quarantine Cup 2020 finals: Schedule, standings, teams and streaming details

April 30, 2020

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The Quarantine Cup, powered by The Floater Esports, in association with Vip5 Esports, is all set for a grand finale. The Quarantine Cup has been splendidly managed by TGW Gaming. The tournament has showcased some of the top teams of PUBG Mobile battling each other and that has quenched the thirst of fans who have been longing for some action during the lockdown.

After four stages of action-packed matches, the tournament has narrowed down to 22 teams, which will compete against each other for the title on the final day.

Here are the complete details of the tournament, including the schedule, the qualified teams, standings and other essential aspects.

Quarantine Cup – Tournament Format

Round 1

2000 teams were selected by registration on first cum first basis which was further divided into 100 groups (20 in each group). Thus, 100 custom rooms were conducted for the same

Qualification: Top 5 teams from each group advanced to Round 2

Round 2

The 500 teams that qualified were then divided into 25 groups (20 in each). In the process, 25 custom rooms were created.
Qualification: Top 8 teams from each group advanced to Round 3

Round 3

The remaining 200 teams from round 2 were then slotted into 10 Groups (20 in each), giving rise to 10 custom rooms.
Qualification: Top 4 Teams from each group advanced to the semi-final.


Thereafter, 40 invited teams joined the 40 squads that had qualified and the 80 teams were paired across four groups.

Group A
Group B
Group C

Group D
Each group played a total of three matches and the results were derived based on the points system

Qualification: Top 5 teams from each group qualified.


Teams who finished between 6th and 10th in each group in the semi-finals were given another chance to qualify for the final stage by participating in three matches

Qualification: The top 2 teams qualified for the final.


In the final stage, the fans are currently witnessing four matches a day, with the finals having begun on 28th April.

Total Number of Matches – 12
Total Number of Days – 3

Quarantine Cup – Finalist Teams

  1. MegaStars 🇮🇳
  2. TSM Entity 🇮🇳
  3. Dark Tangent 🇮🇳
  4. INS 🇮🇳
  5. EsnNox 🇮🇳
  6. Bye 🇮🇳
  7. Revenge Esports 🇮🇳
  8. Myth 🇹🇭
  9. 7 Seas 🇮🇳
  10. Thonburi Esports 🇹🇭
  11. Orange Rock 🇮🇳
  12. GodZeroPanic 🇮🇳
  13. NIP 🇮🇳
  14. T4S 🇮🇳
  15. Particle 7 🇮🇳
  16. IND 🇮🇳
  17. Soul 🇮🇳
  18. Livecraft 🇮🇳
  19. Obscene 🇮🇳
  20. RIP 🇮🇳
  21. Reborn to Avenge 🇮🇳
  22. Karma Officials 🇮🇳

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