QA InfoTech Open Golf Championship: Unit of Five Golfers attains top spot

September 12, 2018, Noida


On the Day 01 of the QA InfoTech Open Golf Championship 5 golfers unit of Noida region has attained their positioning for the top spot. The Prestigious Golf Tournament started from Tuesday and the event witnessed great performances from the golfers of the region.

Arjun Prasad, Mithun Perera, Chirag Kumar, N Thang Raja and Karan Tonk with 3 superlative Under performances claimed their positioning as a unit for the top spot.

With 2 Under scores in the event, Om Prakash, Ashok Kumar, Arjun Singh, Anura Rohana, Sachin Basaiya, Yuvraj Singh Sandhu and Abhishek triggered the sixth position in the competition.

Gaurav Pratap of Golf Course utilized total 71 strokes for 18 hole target, Vikrant Chopra and Arjun Singh Chaudhary took 72 strokes each to complete the 18 hole mark. Raju Singh of the Noida region played 74 strokes to complete the given task. After the schedules of Wednesday matches, the final cut of the Golf tournament will be decided.

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