PV Sindhu vows to come back strong after semifinal loss in All England badminton

March 18, 2018

BadmintonIndian Open

World No 3 PV Sindhu vowed to make a strong comeback after she crashed out of the All England badminton Championships on Saturday, following her defeat to Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in the semifinal.

After fighting hard for about 1 hour and 19 minutes, Sindhu could not build up on the advantage she had gained early on and went down 21-19, 19-21, 18-21 to the world No 2 Japanese badminton player.

Following her defeat, Sindhu said it was only a matter of two to three points and it could have been anyone’s game, adding that she has learnt a lot from the tournament.

“I think it was just not my day, I just can say that. I played my 100 per cent but I think ups and downs are there, one should win and one should lose. I think she played well, there were long rallies,” Sindhu said.

Sindhu declined the notion that there was exhaustion after playing three-game matches over last few days and said the semifinal could have gone either way. “Well I think it is all in the game, you keep playing three games or you keep winning straight sets but I think that should not really bother you. Apart from that three games is not so easy and where the score was like 18-all and those two to three points matter a lot. These two to three points itself made a huge difference,” she said.

Asked to point out key points in her clash against Yamaguchi in which she lost at the dying moments, Sindhu said it was not just her day. “I think it was a good game, I just played my best but it was not my day. I can say that,” she said.

“There were 2-3 points; could have been anyone’s game. I have got a lot of things to learn from this tournament and comeback stronger. It was a good tournament; you keep winning and losing,” Sindhu added.

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