Pune girl Sehej Maini clinches bronze medal in World Powerlifting Championship

June 18, 2019, Pune

PowerliftingWorld Powerlifting Championship

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Sehej Maini secures lone medal for India

For 22-year old Sehej Maini, it turned out to be a dream come true as she earned the bronze medal in the bench press event during the World Powerlifting Championship which concluded at Helsingborg in Sweden on Saturday.

Maini, however, failed to win a medal in the overall lift category, where she stood fourth. Overall lift is counted as the total of squat, deadlift and bench press in powerlifting.

“When I went to the championship, I had not expected a medal, but it feels great after achieving it. Everything went right during the championship,” said Maini, who was the lone Indian to win a medal during the championship.

A team of six lifters from India took part in the competition. Gaurav Gule, Rohini Bansal, Deepa Lunkad and Vikas Damre were from Pune while Dilna MM was from Kerala.

A total of 65 countries took part in the championship.

“In India, this sport is still evolving, but when you look at the response and respect of other countries towards this sport, you will feel that we are far behind than these countries. I am happy that we are improving,” added Maini.

Many people switch to weightlifting after sometime, since powerlifting is a non-Olympic sport.

“I am planning to switch to weightlifting in a year’s time. Powerlifting is the base of weightlifting,” added Maini.

“There was a competition organised where the one who could lift the highest amount of weight would win. So, I took part in it and won the tournament. That is when my coach suggested me to take to powerlifting,” added Maini, who had also won the overall lift bronze medal in the National Championship held at Lucknow in November 2018.

“During international tournaments, we get medals for each lift, but in Nationals, a medal is only given to the total of overall lift,” added Maini, who trains at the Soman’s health club.

The tournament was organised by the International Powerlifting Federation and Maini’s trip was sponsored by The Supereme Industries.

Name: Sehej Maini

Age: 22

Gym: Soman’s Health Club

Coach: Jhonny Mehendele


Individual medal

Bench Press: 1. Yeung Cherry (Gbr) 62.5 kg, Volynskaia Olga (Rus) 62.5kg, 3. Sehej Maini (Ind) 50.0 Kg

Overall result: (Total of Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift)

1. Yeung Cherry (Gbr) 313.5 kg, 2. Volynskaia Olga (Rus) 270.0 kg, 3. Worathida Theopanich 262.5 kg.

Sehej Maini finished 4th with total of 225 kg.

Gym name: Soman’s Health Club

Coach name: Jhonny Mehendele

Sehej’s lifts:

Squat: 75kgs

Bench press: 50kgs

Deadlift: 100kgs

Total: 225kgs

Gold total: 313kgs

Silver total: 270kgs

Bronze total: 262kgs

– Names of other Indian athletes:

Gaurav Gule

Rohini Bansal

Deepa Lunkad

Vikas Damre

Dilna MM (Kerala)

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