Pune defeats Buldhana to win Inter-district Women’s Football Championship

June 25, 2019, Jalgaon, Pune

FootballWIFA Inter-district Women’s Football Championship

Reference: https://www.hindustantimes.com/pune-news/pune-defeats-buldhana-to-win-inter-district-s-women-s-football-championship/story-lqNMr6EKNvPWnEE8YDkYGJ.html

On Monday, Pune defeated Buldhana in a close encounter, and became the champion of the WIFA Inter-district Women’s Football Championship.

The championship was held at Shivchatrapati Shivaji Maharaj sports complex, Jalgaon

In the finals, Pune and Buldhana faced each other for the first time in the tournament. Buldhana was seen in an attacking mode from the beginning of the game.

It very close for Buldhana in the 14th minute but they failed to push through Pune’s defenders. Despite some close encounters from both sides, none of them managed to break the deadlock. Before the first half Pune was in position to attack and that could have turned dangerous for Buldhana, but it was foul by Buldhana in the D box.

Pune’s Sonali Chimate (53rd) and Shweta Borude (59th) while Buldhana’s Gunjan Risodkar (56th) received yellow card in the first half of the game. In the added time both teams were unable to score and match went in to penalty shoot.

In the penalty shoot Pune’s Murial Adam, Shweta Borude and Sana Shaikh scored the goals. Pune’s goalkeeper Anajali Barke saved the two goals and made sure that her team finishes on the winning side.

Results: Finals:

Pune: 3 (Murial Adam, Shweta Borude, Sana Shaikh) beat in tie breaker Buldhana: 1 (Rishika Hiwale); Full time 0-0;

Individual Awards:

Best player – Sonali Chimate (Pune)

Best goalkeeper – Anjali Barke (Pune)

Best defender – Nikita Jadhav (Buldhana)

Highest goal scorer – Pratiksha Mithai (Kolhapur)

Player of the final match – Dipika Hiwale (Buldhana)

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