PUBG Guide: Is Mk14 better than Mini 14 in PUBG Mobile

April 27, 2020

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Mk14 and Mini 14 are two of the best DMR weapons in PUBG Mobile. A popular conundrum among the players is choosing between the two when plotting a chicken dinner. A large section of players believe that the Mk14 is a better choice when it comes to mid to long range combats while Mini 14 trumps the former when talking about long distance precision.

Therefore, in this article we’ll give you a detailed overview of all the stats and comparison to help you decide which is the best DMR.

The Mini-14 is the only 5.56mm category DMR found on Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi. The gun’s most unique attribute is its extremely high initial bullet velocity of 990 m/s, which means a low bullet drop rate, coupled with extreme precision on long range. With Mini 14, it is significantly easier to hit moving targets and handle more than one target at a time.

Mini 14 has the largest magazine size of all the DMRs in PUBG Mobile. One can keep firing the bullets until the target falls. In addition to that, one can attach a muzzle to reduce the recoil.

Since the recoil of Mini 14 is quite easy to control, players won’t have a tough time choosing between suppressor, compensator or flash hider. However, a compensator will allow you to unleash the full potential of the gun.

Players should use Mini 14 if they want a fast and accurate weapon that makes it easier to hit moving targets. This is a dream weapon for all modes – solo, duo and squad. Thus, it isn’t a surprise that this gun is highly valued among the professional PUBG Mobile players.

Mk14 is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, PUBG decided to put this weapon solely in air drops, meaning that it isn’t very easy to obtain. Additionally, the player would also have to deal with the enemies that scavenge for crate weapons in air drops.

The Mk14 uses the 7.62 mm cartridge and comes with two firing modes: single fire and automatic. The initial damage of this gun is only 61, which is relatively low for a weapon that belongs to the sniper rifle category in PUBG Mobile.

However it deals the highest damage of all DMR weapons. The initial bullet speed is 853 m/s, which is quite close to Mini 14. One can increase the magazine by attaching an extended mag that allow players to fire 20 bullets, instead of 10 which is the limit for the original mag.

Players can also use the standard muzzle attachments like the suppressor, the flash hider and the compensator. On top of that one can also attach a cheek pad for sniper rifles and all the scopes ranging from red-dot to 8x.

Mk14 vs Mini 14
To conclude, the MK14 is an immensely powerful gun when used in auto mode in close combat fights. Mini 14, on the other hand, doesn’t have an auto firing mode, thereby making it a poor choice as a primary weapon. However, the stability and precision of Mini 14 beats its rival in long range engagements. Here is a look at the stats of both the guns.

Mk14: Damage – 61, Reload – 3.683 seconds, Range – 123.83, Rate of fire – 0.09
Mini 14: Damage – 46, Reload – 3.6 seconds, Range – 127.11, Rate of fire – 0.1

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