Pravesh and Kabir lands Golden punch

July 15, 2019, Gurgaon


In the district level Junior boxing (boys category) held by Lakshman Vihar’s Boxing and sports Academy almost 100 boxers around the region took part.

In this tournament various boxers including Yuvraj, Pravesh and Kabir won gold in different weight categories.

Coach Rajesh Jhakar told that participants gave their all in the ring and highly appreciated their efforts.

In 44-46Kg weight categoryPravesh won Gold, Sachin Silver and Bronze for Vishesh and Ravi.

In46-48Kg weight category Priyanshu bagged Gold, Pritam won Silver and Atul Bronze.

In 48-50Kg weight category Yuvraj won Gold, Lakshman Silver and Prashant and Puneet settled for Bronze.

In52-54Kg weight category Kabir won Gold, Abhishek won Silver and Chandan and Bharat with Bronze.

In54-57Kg weight category Shubham won Gold, while Varun bagged Silver and Yash and Nikhil settled for Bronze

The winning players of this tournament will take part in State level competition now.

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