Playing outdoor games: A luxury or a necessity?

Are you  busy playing mini militia right now? Or may be some other video or mobile based game? Being updated with technological games is really fine but not at the helm of outdoor games . Playing outdoor has its own pleasures as you are exposed to nature. Playing not only ensures kids being active but also increases their concentration and capability.

So why not step your feet outside to play cricket, football or any other game with your friends or society mates? It’s really amazing and fun along with providing you with an array of benefits. Some of these are :-


1) Physical development is an attribute of playing

Who doesn’t want to be physically strong? Physical development is not only restricted to growth but also healthy muscle gain,building strong muscles, various motor skills and movement skills. Doesn’t this seem to be an easy way for kids to keep themselves healthy and fit? Absolutely, Yes


2) Creates your own social circle

Want to boast about your friends and amazing social circle you have, then outdoor gaming is what you should be practising right now. Stepping your foot outside to play games with other kids paves way for strong bonds and friendships among the players and one learns several social skills and behavioural skills.


3) Enables overall personality enhancement

Whether you are playing cricket, hockey, golf or football; each game requires to pay attention at smaller details and to remain focused. You are able to analyse situations early and also learn to act upon them.


4) Ensures a fit and healthy lifestyle

Playing outdoor acts as a natural exercise, making you physically active to attack obesity and also helps in providing you necessary Vitamin D required for your body, keeping you fit and healthy. Playing in itself is a kind of exercise + Fun and at the end of the day ensures a better sleep.


5) You learn to stand – up after defeat

Well, I would try not to be your nanny giving out life lessons but playing sports is what teaches you to accept defeat and then learn from them. Well, for a easy understanding I would rather quote a dialogue from Srk’s cult film Baazigar – “Haarkar jeetne walon ko baazigar kehte hai”. So it’s high time to unearth the hidden ‘baazigar’ in you.


With the amazing benefits, experience and fun these outdoor games offer I don’t think you will ditch playing outside in the evening. But remember to call the game a quit once your parents start calling you (Otherwise, we both know the consequences you will have to suffer)



Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.