YoGems releases Players’ Rankings for the India’s first District Ranking Tournament

March 30, 2018, Noida

BadmintonYoGems releases Players’ Rankings for the India’s first District Ranking Tournament

YoGems is a pioneer in creating world class sporting experiences for kids. It had organised “YoGems Emerging Players’ District Badminton Tournament 2017” and “YoGems Elite District Badminton Players’ Invitational Tournament 2017” for various age groups from December 15th-17th, 2017 in association with the Noida & Greater Noida District Badminton Association, an affiliate body of Uttar Pradesh Badminton Association. Many youngsters took part in the event, adding to its popularity.

YoGems is pleased to announce that the rankings for the same have been released. Points were allotted to each player based on his/her performance in their respective age category. The event was held in a total of five age groups for both boys and girls. The players can check their respective rankings using the link given below:


The following were the winners of different events:

Boys Singles Under 9 1st – Veer Mehndiratta (125 points)
2nd – Arnav Yadav (107 points)
Girls Singles Under 9 1st – Shruti Chouhan (125 points)
2nd – Vaanya Gupta (107 points)
Boys Singles Under 11 1st – Aryan Gupta (125 points)
2nd- Aditya Dagar (107 points)
Girls Singles Under 11 1st – Anushree Venkatesh (125 points)
2nd – Ridhima Singh (107 points)
Boys Singles Under 13 1st – Ryan Ranjan (250 points)
2nd – Jai Sukhwani (213 points)
Girls Singles Under 13 1st- Anushree Venkatesh (250 points)
2nd – Sanvie Anand (213 points)
Boys Doubles Under 13 1st- Neer Nehwal (250 points)
1st – Ryan Ranjan (250 points)
Girls Doubles Under 13 1st – Sanvie Anand (250 points)
1st- Aparajita Kalra (250 points)
Mixed Doubles Under 13 1st – Saket Saksham (250 points)
1st – Sanvie Anand (250 points)
Boys Singles Under 15 1st – Neer Nehwal (250 points)
2nd – Aadi Krishna (213 points)
Girls Singles Under 15 1st – Shehjar Chowdhury (250 points)
2nd – Kritika Bhatt (213 points)
Boys Doubles Under 15 1st- Aadi Krishna (250 points)
1st- Himanshu Negi (250 points)
Girls Doubles Under 15 1st- Bhavya Mittal (250 points)
1st – Batul Talib (250 points)
Mixed Doubles Under 15 1ST – Neer Nehwal (250 points)
1st – Sonali Singh (250 points)
Boys Singles Under 17 1ST- Mukul Teotia (250 points)
2nd – Aditya Verma (213 points)
Girls Singles Under 17 1st – Anusha Goel (250 points)
2nd – Sonali Singh (213 points)
Boys Doubles Under 17 1st – Chirag Seth (250 points)
1st – Aditya Verma (250 points)
Girls Doubles Under 17 1st – Nimisha Pandey (250 points)
1st- Sonali Singh (250 points)
Mixed Doubles Under 17 1st- Chirag Seth (250 points)
1st – Anusha Goel (250 points)

The tournament had many firsts for an event in India. It was the first ever Junior meet which was executed in an entirely paperless manner. It also served as the first District Ranking tournament for players residing in Gautam Budh Nagar.

School: Step by Step School, Arya Deep Public School, St Joseph School, Delhi Public School, G D Goenka Public School, Army Public School, Modern School, Greater Valley School, Dream Public School, J.P. International School, Ryan International School, Vishwa Bharati Public School, Deep Memorial Public School, Apeejay School, D.A.V. School, S.S.K. Public School, Sarla Chopra Dav Public School, Mayoor School Noida

Student: Veer Mehndiratta, Arnav Yadav, Aaryan Sethi, Vaanya Gupta, Shruti Chouhan, Aditya Dagar, Aryan Gupta, Anushree Venkatesh, Ridhima Singh, Ryan Ranjan, Jai Sukhwani, sanvie Anand, Neer Nehwal, Aparajita Kalra, Saket Saksham, Aadi Krishna, Shehjar Chowdhury, Kritika Bhatt, Himanshu Negi, Bhavya Mittal, Batul Talib, Sonali Singh, Aditya Verma, Anusha Goel, Chirag Seth, Nimisha Pandey

Tournament: YoGems Elite District Badminton Players' Invitational Tournament 2017, YoGems Emerging Players' District Badminton Tournament 2017

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