Play Outdoor Games – Stay Healthier, Happier and Stronger!

outdoor games benefits for children

Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Hide-and-Seek, Tug-of-war, Marble Pond Game and many more that we have talked about in our previous post. If you tried any of those and want to include them in your routine? That’s brilliant! But if you are still want to live a routine spending hours on your iPad, smartphone, television, video games or indoor activities, let us tell you that you are missing all the fun and lagging behind the kids who are involved in outdoor games and boosting physical and mental ability.

Didn’t realise it, right? Or, maybe you do not know about the benefits of playing them. So, for you we have listed a few perks you can get playing outdoor games. Let us have a look.

Play Outdoors – Get Smart. Get Fit.

How It Makes You Smarter?

  • Improve Learning Ability

Playing outdoors will let you interact with other kids and applying theoretical knowledge into practical. So, precisely, playing outdoors is an ongoing process that will aid in developing new skills and exchanging knowledge.

  • Get Socialised

Outdoor games are usually played in a group that encourages to come out of the shells naturally. You start talking to other children and make new friends that build self-confidence and ultimately the practice of getting socialise. This also helps in revamping the personality and other skills.

  • Get More Creative

Outdoor games - mental health benefits

Nothing could help in elevating your creativity except outdoor games. When you start playing different games by getting involved with different children, you push your inner abilities to give the competition to your peer group. Unknowingly, you get more creative when you plan to play and win.

  • Get Independent

It is obvious that when you play an outdoor game, you get out of your adult’s supervision. Simultaneously, while playing, interacting, negotiating with unfamiliar equipment and becoming self-reliant with your group, you start taking decisions and understanding responsibilities. This not only aid you to become socially active, but also learn being independent.

  • Augment Well-Being

As per a few analysis, playing an outdoor game gives a freedom, feeling of being happy and calm. Playing outside also gives vitamin-D that helps improving mood and mental attitude. A research also says, playing outside for long hours helps building up energy and leads to becoming calmer and focused.

  • Explore More

outdoor games benefiting children

In contrast to indoor games, outdoor games have more risks. You try different games taking new risks and overcoming that you beat inner fear or try challenging trails, push boundaries and take new risk assessments. This practice will help you exploring new stuffs and build ability to learn more.

This was enough of mental benefits of playing outdoor. Now, let us have a sneak peek to health benefits.

How It Makes You Healthier?

  • Enhance Vision

As per a source, children who spend more time in outdoor activities in contrast to indoors, gain better vision.

  • Get Rid of Stress

How children can gain health benefits with outdoor games

Stress is natural, so its remedies should also be. Therefore, what else could be a better remedy than playing outdoors to get a  huge outlet to relieve stress. It is not only relaxing and healing way, but also a huge fun.

  • Gain Attention Span

As per some parents, the children playing outside have more attention span in contrast to children sitting back for hours at home. Studies have also shown that outdoor activities are also responsible in reducing ADHD symptoms and attention deficient symptoms in children.

  • Consume Vitamin D

On the usual basis, innumerable kids suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies that lead to heart diseases, cancer and bone problems. But playing in the sun for an optimum time period can help fighting all such diseases.

  • Get Taller and Stronger

Why children should play outdoor games

Outdoor games involve skipping, running, jumping, hopping and much more physical activities. All such physical activities helps getting tall faster against the children who play indoors. Playing outdoor games also strengthen muscles and bones and helps maintaining a ideal weight.

  • Improve Immunity

A few studies revealed the fact that children who play outdoor games tends to build immunity and stay stronger in contrast to other kids. It also helps them fighting diseases and recovering at the faster rate.

Get Set. Go.

Wasn’t it enough for you to discover the amazing benefits of playing outdoor games? Now, what are you waiting for? Study well, eat well play well. Play healthy games to and grow healthy, happy and smart.



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