Official release of sports calendar for upcoming session

July 15, 2019, Gurgaon

Yoga, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Gymnastics, ArcherySports

Sports and Youth programme Department has released yearly calendar for all sports events which are to be held this year. This season will consist of 19 district and inter state level tournament in different categories of sports which include Yoga, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Gymnastic, Archery and many more.

For this, a mega event will be held in October. This time around Gurugram will be hosting just one State level tournament which will be an Archery competition. This will be held on 5th of October.

According to the calendar, District tournament will start from 7th August and will end on 18th August. And state level Mega event is scheduled to be held from 21st to 31st of October. Place is yet to be decided by committee. Tournament will get start with boys and girls Yoga event.

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