Noida’s Rushil working hard on skills for Asian Lawn Tennis Championship

August 23, 2018, Noida

Lawn Tennislawn tennis

Rushil Khosla of Noida region has been named as the crucial member to charge up Indian side featuring at the Asian Lawn Tennis to be played from 1 September in Kazakhstan. The young tennis player of Noida will command India’s U 12 side in the tournament.

In order to mastering the skills in lawn tennis format, Rushil has extended his practice session in the Noida Stadium. His coach also stand still by his side and offering him necessary tips to grab the offered big opportunity.

Rushil’s coach in his talk with media has mentioned that fitness is the optimum requirement for any sports but you need perfectly fit body to glorify your game in tennis game. Rushil is taking coaching under coach Abid Khan since he was 5 years of age.

Rushil gained interest in Lawn Tennis after watching his friends playing the game. The young boy has attained 1st Spot in UP Lawn Tennis Ranking and enjoys 4th position in All India Lawn Tennis rankings.

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