Noida’s player will take part in Indo-Nepal Tournament

July 23, 2018, Noida

Yoga, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, AthleticsSports

For the year 2018, second Indo-Nepal Championship will be played in Kathmandu city of Nepal. Part of Foundation Community Shivam in his talk with media has shared all the valuable information about the championship to be played in between 17 and 25 August.

Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Yoga, and Athletics will be the main source of attraction for the tournament. Soon Noida’s district Games Association will announce the dates for the trial to take place in the Noida itself.

Participants who will be selected for the prestigious tournament will be provided with basic necessities like food, convenience charges, accommodation and all other facilities. In addition to these facilities, all the participants will be awarded medals and certificates for their valuable contribution in the course of the tournament.

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