Noida successfully launches its First-Ever Girls’ Cricket Team

July 31, 2018


Few years back, girls’ hailing from Noida district were used to play for the Boys’ team in order to earn some fame in the game of cricket. Determination of 30 girls’ from the region and effort of different cricket academy gifts Noida district its first ever Junior Women team.

All credits for the appreciable great work to garnish the skills of young girls goes to cricket team from the state. Not one or two but many of the cricket academy from the region helped these girl to learn skills and basic of cricket without adding burden of any cost to their coaching.

30 Girls from the region are ready to face any challenge

Seeing the scarce of girls cricket team in the region, Praveen Nagar Cricket Academy along with Wonders Cricket Academy took up the initiative to offer free cricket coaching to girls with interest in sports from the region. PNCA is the name behind thesearch of quality players like Trisha Chaudhary and Muskaan Gaur from the region. Trisha has noted down her name in the national level tournaments across different region in India and also played with boys’ team to compete with her best ability.

Wonders Cricket team as per now is offering 30 different girls from the region as part of their initiative. The coaching and advice from the coach helped these girls to form 15 members team each for Noida and Greater Noida.

2 players from the DPS Cricket team Sangeeta Rawat and Shree Nidhi has formed their entry in the league of top 25 players from Delhi state’s all over players. Disha Verma, the young participants from the state has camped for Meghalaya State in the U-19 category. School’s coach has also told media that the girls from the team will participate in the State’s trial and national level tournaments.

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