Noida spots 4 medals in Archery National Championship

July 20, 2018, Noida

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Players from Noida district succeeded to aim total 4 medals in the National Archery Event played in Dharamshala district of Himachal Pradesh. With total 3 Gold and 1 Silver medal in the bag from the tournament, Noida players performed exceptionally well at the national level tournament.

The National Archery Meet has inaugurated in Dharamshala district in between 15 to 18 July. Rudra Singh Krishna from the Noida Stadium’s Archery Gallery was the first gold medalist in the event. The player from Noida showed an extraordinary game to aim gold in 50m event of the game. Rudra had represented Delhi in All India Junior Archery Event played in past. Coach Lokesh Rahul and Father Rajeev Krishna showed great extent of happiness for the achievement of 13-year-old Rudra and wished their lad all the best for all upcoming events.

ADG of Lucknow zone Rajeev Krishna while applauding Rudra mentioned that he carried a great fondness for archery from a tender age. In the U-17 category, Kuldeep Saini wins gold, in Indian round, Gaurav Chaudhary claimed Gold in the U-19 category and Harsh Yadav added a Silver medal in his winning account. In addition of prize holders, U-21 category player Gaurav Yadav gains ace spot within the particular category.

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