Noida region’s Rushil selected for U 12 lawn Tennis Asian Games

August 8, 2018, Noida

Lawn Tennislawn tennis

Rushil Khosla from the Noida region has recently finds a crucial positioning in the Indian U 12 Tennis team to scheduled to represent India in the Lawn Tennis Championship. Rushil along with other team members from the Indian side will participate in the International event to be played in Kazakhstan.

At present, Rushil is gearing up for the tournament in the Noida’s Stadium, prior to this the young player from Noida has clinched gold medal in the national level mixed double matches.

Total 12 nations from all-over Asia will participate in the Tennis Championship. Rushil along with the other members of U 12 team will fly for Kazakhstan on September 01. Before qualifying for the Asian Games, Rushil has grabbed Super Tennis Tournament played in Guwahati.

Rushal is practicising with great spirit for the International tournament, he daily woke up at 5 am and start his day with Yoga and fitness training. In addition to this he also travels to Noida Stadium for proper 5 hours training.

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