Noida Cricketer Ankit Rai receives solo call for State’s Under 16 Cricket Team

September 6, 2018, Noida


Ankit Rai of Vishwabharti School of Noida region has finally marked his positioning in the team line up of Uttar Pradesh Under 16 cricket team. The school management of Vishwabharti School has congratulated the young cricketer from the school for his selection in the State’s Cricket Team.

Subhash Sharma, the official of Uttar Pradesh Sports Authority has claimed that Ankit Rai will definitely outshine in the future. Ankit performance in the Trials was up to the mark and great.

In the trial matches, Ankit highlighted his nomination in the team’s lineup with a half century. All the trials matches were commenced in Kanpur City. In the first trial match, Ankit played 33 runs stoke in first match followed by mammoth 62 runs mark in the other match. Ankit qualified for the Inter Zonal Trials of the match with 44 and 37 runs score.

Ankit’s School Coach Subhash Sharma has mentioned that Ankit was the most remarkable player from the school and definetly he will shine in his future games.

School: Vishwa Bharati Public School

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