National lawn Tennis competition begins

March 25, 2019, Gurgaon

Lawn Tennislawn tennis

National lawn tennis games started on Sunday at National Games Centre, sector 12, Faridabad. In this competition 50 players joined from different states.

Results: on the first day of competition qualification games were held. Coach Mayank told that in under 16 boys Sagar Bharti won from Aneesh making score of 7-3. Sidharth defeated vedant by 7-0, Naman defeated Samarth by 7-6, Polsiya verma defeated Aditya by 8-6, Yathart defeated Ayush by 7-0. Sahil defeated Naman by 7-3, Aprajit defeated vedant by 7-5. Players from different states like Faridabd, delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Utrakhand, Gujarat are taking part in this competition.

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