MSSA Football: St Rock’s girls fall prey to city heat

September 13, 2017

MSSA Football: St Rock's girls fall prey to city heat


Shreya Dube from St Rock’s High School (Borivli) fainted while her teammate Shivani Suyal suffered severe dehydration during the knockouts of the Mumbai Schools Sports Association-organised inter-school under-16 Division II girls football tournament at Azad Maidan yesterday. The Borivli side lost their encounter against St Thomas Academy (Goregaon). Dhiti Varma and Ruchika Ginimav scored for St Thomas.

Immediately after the final whistle was blown, Shreya collapsed on the field.

At the same time, goalkeeper Shivani had to be helped off the field. Physiotherapist Dr Pooja Kotawala was present on the field to revive Shreya.

Recalling her terrible time on the field, Shreya said: “I did not understand what was happening to me. Due to the heat I was facing a lot of difficulty while playing. I could not even breathe properly due to the hot conditions. After a while, I started feeling dizzy and then collapsed.”

Shivani added: “I could not see anything at the goal because of the sun. I could not keep my eyes open. I suffered a bout of dehydration with dizziness as the conditions on the field troubled us.”

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