Meet Nutlai Lalbiakkima, the boxer who dominates Rio Olympic champion

July 25, 2018


Nutlai Lalbiakkima, the 22 years Mizoram boy produced a stunning set of performance to stun and beat World’s no. 01 rank holder and Rio Olympic gold medalist Hasanboy Dusmatov with a 4-1 victory in the quarter-final of ongoing President’s Cup in Kazakhstan on Thursday.

The massive victory in the quarter-final match of the President’s Cup now ensures India at least one of the three crucial medals in the International boxing tournament. The rejoiced Lalbiakkima after the end of the match in his favor revealed that he explored all the videos of Hasanboy before the match, in order to know his strengths and fallback points.

Lalbiakkima hails from Siaha, a remote village close to Mizoram. His father and mother sell fish and are not prosper enough to send him to pro academy, life has always challenged the lad to move forward in the life work harder towards the dream of becoming India’s pride one day.

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