Meerut surpasses Azamgarh challenge in Handball Championship

August 29, 2018, Meerut


State-Level handball Championship launched in the HRIT Campus of Meerut road area is gaining phenomenal response from the spectators of the region. On the second day of the tournament, total 8 matches were played during the duration of the day.

Meerut, Saharanpur, Aligarh, Faizabad, Lucknow and Bareilly won their individual games to reach the next level of the tournament. First match of the day was played in between Varanasi and Agra, the Varanasi team claimed the match against Agra with decent scoreline. Second match for the day favored Saharanpur against Meerut team. Third match offered equal opportunity to Azamgarh and Aligarh teams, the Azamgarh team aced the match with next level promotion in the match.

Fourth match of the day favored Saharnpur team against Azamgarh division team, fifth match for the day favored Faizabad against Jhansi team and last match played for the day formed great chances for Bareilly team against the Muradabad team.

On the occasion of the match, District Sports Official Gadadhar Bariki, Prem Kumar, Anita Nagar and Govind Yadav marked their attendance in the event.

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