MCA cracks down on twenty-eight over-age players

June 20, 2017

MCA cracks down on twenty-eight over-age players


Close on the heels of their decision to ban 16 over-aged players from Mumbai Cricket Association Summer Vacation tournaments and coaching camps (as reported by this newspaper on May 4), the MCA banned another 28 players, who were found allegedly overage across age groups U-14, U-16, U-19 and U-23 on Tuesday. The 28 names mentioned on the MCA’s website are: Nikhil Mishra, Amey Chemburkar, Talib Khan, Gaurav Dani, Harsh Sharma, Suraj Pandey, Kush Yadav, Devendra Samarprit Pal, Devraj Guru, Devendra Radheshyam Sharma, Ajit Kumar Gaud, Soham Patwardhan, Saurabh Tripathi, Deepak Yadav, Saurabh Singh, Aaditya Lad, Rohit Vishwakarma, Gaurav Pathak, Kasheed Ansari, Subuj Sardar, Soham Panchal, Bhagesh Sardar, Shrikant Shrirame, Rahul Patel, Varun Rawool, Vishal Singh, Anand Singh and Manish Yadav.

Manish, who was a part of MCA’s Goregaon Centre in the U-16 category, availed specialised coaching and represented the Centre in the ongoing Kalpesh Koli Memorial, an MCA U-16 selection tournament. Manish scored 105 against Bandra Centre at Matunga on Sunday.

“We banned this particular cricketer – Manish Yadav – who scored a century against comparatively younger opponents, along with the other 27 players. We have informed all the coaches about his over-age status,” MCA vice-president Vinod Deshpande told mid-day yesterday.

The MCA seems hell bent on stamping out the over-age malaise. “We want to get to the root cause and find out, who is encouraging these players to produce fake age certificates, but they are not disclosing it. We suspect some school coaches are involved and we are trying to find out who they are,” added Deshpande.

Manish also represented Mariya CC against Almighty CC in the Santosh Kumar Ghosh Trophy U-16 tournament where he scored 103. “According to the birth certificate he has produced, he (Manish) is eligible to play this tournament, but I will verify this with the MCA. Since ours is a MCA tournament too, I will not allow him to play in further matches if found over-age,” said the Ghosh Trophy’s tournament secretary, Arundhati Ghosh, a former India women’s cricketer.

The MCA is expecting some more over-age cases from its various age-group summer vacation coaching centers. All coaches have been informed to take strict action if players are found guilty.

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