Manomay SC, Guwahati City FC, Pegasus win matches in Greater Guwahati Baby League

April 4, 2021, Guwahati

FootballGreater Guwahati Baby League


Manomay SC, Guwahati City FC (GCFC) Academy and Khanapara Pegasus won their matches in ‘Greater Guwahati Baby League’ (GGBL) Cup held at ‘Game On Arena’ today. In match day 2 of the tournament, matches of U-10 and U-12 categories were played.

In U-10 category, Manomay SC defeated GCFC Academy 4-1 while in another match, GCFC Academy defeated Khanapara Pegasus 5-0. In Group A of U-12 category, GCFC Academy B team defeated Manomay SC 2-1 but faced heavy defeat against Khanapara Pegasus A team. Pegasus A team defeated GCFC Academy B team 7-1. In Group B, GCFC Academy A team defeated BMYC (3-1) and Khanapara Pegasus B team (2-1).

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