Maharashtra Kesari: 19-year-old Kamble bags Gold on debut

January 6, 2020, Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur


Ramchandra Kamble, a 19-year-old grappler from Barshi, Solapur, participated in the 63rd Maharashtra Kesari with an aim to perform his best and learn from other competitors. However, winning a gold in his debut season was a dream come true for Kamble.

Participating for the first time in Maharashtra Kesari, Kamble outwitted Ravindra Khaire of Osmanabad 14-3 in the 79kg weight category.

Training at Kaka Pawar Talim since the last five years, Kamble idolises Rahul Aware. In the final Kamble, leaving a few moments, controlled the bout right from the start. Nothing changed in the second round as well as Kamble secured a thumping victory.

Now Ramchandra has all of his focus on nationals in the future. 

In the 57kg weight category on mat, Jyotiba Atkale of Solapur defeated Ramesh Ingwale, Kolhapur 11-5 to claim the gold medal.