Long jumper Jeswin Aldrin jumps 8.12 metres at Golden Fly Series meet

September 12, 2022

AthleticsGolden Fly Series meet

Reference: https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/sport-others/long-jumper-jeswin-aldrin-jumps-8-12-metres-at-golden-fly-series-meet-8145603/

India’s long jumper Jeswin Aldrin jumped 8.12 metres in the Golden Fly Series meet in Liechtenstein, Lucerne on Sunday.

Aldrin, India’s No. 2 long jumper, had jumped 8.37 metres (wind assisted) and 8.26 metres at the Federation Cup in Calicut. But after his performances dipped and he failed to cross 8 metres the AFI had omitted him from the squad for the World Championships.

The 20-year-old youngster from Tamil Nadu took to Twitter and shared his joy, “Really Happy with 8.12m in Golden Fly Series in Liechtenstein. It’s been long season one more round to go before the end of this season.Thanks for having here.”

He was then asked to appear for two trials by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) where he jumped 7.99 metres and 7.93 metres. The AFI wanted him to jump close to 8.10 metres but included him for the World Championships. He could finish only 9th in his qualification group with 7.78 metres.

Sunday’s 8-plus jump will give him confidence as he winds down the season.

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