Lionel Messi hoping for Final Hurray at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

There are rumours floating around that this could be Messi’s World Cup and deservedly so, as the Argentinian is in the best form of his life, leading up to Russia. Argentina lost the final in 2014 to a machine like Germany, much to the disappointment of their fans.
Messi had retired from international football after that defeat but came back in 2016 to see them through the qualifiers in the last minute. In a story much akin to a fairy-tale, he had scored a hat trick in the last league match against Ecuador to help his country win 3-1 and see them through to their 18th World Cup.
He has been given all the freedom he wants to suit his style of play by manager Jorge Sampaoli. However, with great power comes great responsibility as well. “Messi has a revolver put to his head called the World Cup and if he doesn’t win it, he’s shot and killed. As a result, he can’t enjoy his talent. The negativity surrounding international football damages Messi.”
Argentina and many people from other parts of the world will be hoping for a final hurray from the 30-year-old who many tout as being the world’s greatest footballer.
“It’s now or never for us to win the World Cup, there’s no more,” Messi has said. That World Cup (2014 World Cup in Brazil) where I passed the cup is a hard one to look at. I mean we were that close to winning it, but I passed by it and it was a terrible feeling. We have to see this World Cup as our final World Cup and look at it as such and take advantage of the opportunity but it will be tough.”



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