Learn How You Can Choose The Right Sport and Become A Champion

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Football! Badminton! Swimming! Boxing!

Do you also want to champion any of these and become world star, but confused in choosing the right sport for you?

Well ! Well ! We understand, the first and foremost thing that must be worrying you is the concern shown by your parents towards academics. Isn’t it? But who knows, you can be next Sachin Tendulkar or Saina Nehwal, if you get the right guiding light.

So, it is time, when you need to understand your expertise and groom it because now is the right time. You cannot be an achiever all of a sudden, instead you need start garnishing your skills from now. Always do remember, Practice makes the man perfect.

Now, let us not hold your patience any more. Here, we are going to list the crucial tips that can pave you to the path letting you choosing your dreams and become the next star of India.


Get Started To Kick-Off Your Dreams

Step 1 : Lay The Foundation

There is no defined age to choose your dreams. No matter, you are 5, 7, 10, 15, or 18, you can start following your dreams from the day when you realize that this particular skill is something that can give a bright future. Do not hesitate to share your interest with your parents even if it is a sport.

The most important thing is, you are the only person who should start believing in yourself. Once you get confident about your goals, you can let other to believe in you and your goals. You can also talk to a counsellor for building the confidence or you can get confidence talking to the person closer to you.

Step 2 : Pull Up Your Socks

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Realizing your goal and let other believing you will not let become a champion. You need to start pushing yourself to achieve.

We are talking about strengthening your physical capabilities. Your nervous system should always know the efforts you have to make to attain the goal and this is called as “body awareness”. You can start with dance, martial arts, swimming and gymnastics.

Once you have body awareness, no one can beat you becoming the future Olympians. The key point that need to be understood is, any activity you choose should enhance fluid of the whole-body to enhance the efficiently.

Step 3: Start It NOW!

It’s time when you are done with explaining yourself about “body awareness”. And, now is the time when you should start implementing by working out harder.

Let us give you a clue about the efforts you need to give to reach your goal. You need approximately 1,000 jump shots or 10,000 yards swimming a day to strengthen your stamina.

If you are confident about the sport that you have chosen, it is great! But if you are still confused, you can start working out at different sports which will ultimately help you in determining your interest.

Do not forget, no magic will happen to you that will make you the start instantly. You have to get started right now, right here.

These were the steps that will help you reaching the goal, but if you are still scratching your head with confusion about choosing the right sport. We have discussed the cheat sheet for you.

Cheat Sheet: Which Sport You Will Champion

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  • Fast Runner

Badminton, basketball, baseball, boxing, board/ski, football, lacrosse, volleyball, boxing, field hockey, ice hockey, martial arts, diving, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, lacrosse, football and track and field.

  • Great Stamina

Cross-country skiing, distance track events, crew and distance swimming.

  • Speed and Stamina

Figure skating, soccer, synchronized swimming, middle-distance track events, crew, water polo, tennis/squash and soccer.

  • Flexible

Fencing, martial arts, track and field, wrestling, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, figure skating, volleyball and gymnastics.

  • Short Legs

Field hockey, martial arts, wrestling, board/ski sports, some positions in football, soccer, ice hockey and track sprints.

  • High Pain Tolerance

Crew, middle-distance track events, synchronized swimming, water polo and middle-distance swimming.

  • Good Balance

Archery, diving, football, soccer, track and field, wrestling, bowling, figure skating, synchronized swimming,  water polo, curling, gymnastics, volleyball, equestrian, tennis/squash and golf.

  • Agile

Badminton, bowling, field hockey, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, track and field, volleyball, basketball, fencing, synchronized swimming, board/ski sports, figure skating, wrestling, boxing, water polo, football and martial arts.

  • Long Legs

Crew, pole vault, volleyball, golf and high jump.

  • Steady

Archery, bowling, riflery, billiards and golf.

  • Powerful

Baseball/softball, fencing, ice hockey, synchronized swimming, volleyball, football, martial arts, track and field, wrestling, gymnastics, tennis/squash, lacrosse and water polo.

  • Good Eye Sight

Archery, bowling, tennis/squash, baseball/softball, riflery, billiards, volleyball and golf.

  • Fearless

Gymnastics, water polo, diving, boxing, track sprints, swimming sprints and pole vault.



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