Lalchhanhimi wins 71kg crown in Khelo India National Ranking weightlifting tournament

November 1, 2022, Modinagar

WeightliftingKhelo India National Ranking Women Weightlifting Tournament


Mizoram’s Lalchhanhimi won the 71kg crown in the Khelo India National Ranking women’s weightlifting tournament at Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday.

Lalchhanhimi lifted 85kg in snatch and 113kg in clean and jerk to claim the top honour with an aggregate of 198kg.

Amandeep Kaur (80kg, 100kg, 180kg) was the junior champion, while Harini (70kg, 90kg, 160kg) was the youth winner.

Arockiya Alish (86kg, 112kg, 198kg) secured the 76kg title in the senior section.

Dhathri Palati (80kg, 105kg, 185kg), who took second place in the senior section, became the junior champion. Jyothi Yadav (68kg, 82kg, 150kg) took the youth gold medal.

Punam Yadav (92kg, 115kg, 207kg) was the 81kg senior champion.

Kalpana Yadav (90kg, 111kg, 201kg) broke the snatch and total records on her way to become the junior gold medallist, while Amritha Suni (77kg, 92kg, 169kg) secured the youth gold.

The Results:
71kg: 1. Lalchhanhimi snatch 85kg, clean and jerk 113kg, total 198kg; 2. Renu 78kg, 112kg, 190kg; 3. Trupti Mane 83kg, 106kg, 189kg.
76kg: 1. Arockiya Alish 86kg, 112kg, 198kg; 2. Dhathri Palati 80kg, 105kg, 185kg; 3. M. Keerthi 79kg, 95kg, 174kg.
81kg: 1. Punam Yadav 92kg, 115kg, 207kg; 2. Vanshita Verma 87kg, 114kg, 201kg; 3. Rakhi 86kg, 110kg, 196kg.

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