Kids take environment walk in Noida

April 28, 2018, Noida



With the aim to catch them young and prepare an informed generation next, the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) under its ongoing NCR project ‘Campaign for Pollution and its Remedial Measures (CPRM)’ took 60 students from two schools (30 from each school) – one from Delhi’s Laxmi Public School (Karkardooma institutional area in Anand Vihar), and another from Noida’s Model National Public School (Chhalera, sector-44) – on a field visit to Eco and Environment Park sector 54 on Friday.

The project, which was helmed by Citizens Environment Improvement Society (CEIS), aims to train and sensitize 600 school children from 10 schools across Delhi-NCR region on various aspect of environmental pollution including, identification of different kinds of pollution and its source, monitoring of pollutants and different approach to reduce its impact on individuals.

While in the first phase of the CPRM project students were engaged in a workshop to sensitize them on environment pollution and its remedial measures through audio-video presentation, short animation movie and fun learning activities (in their respective school premises), in the second phase, a field trip was organised on Friday in sector 54 eco park where a demonstration of the solar panel, vermi-composting (composting process using various species of worms) site, herbal floriculture and rain water harvesting model was shown to students.

On the occasion Brig (rtd) Amrit Kapur, vice presidents CEIS educated students about the various medicinal plants and their benefits to environment and health, Ajay Garg executive member CEIS sensitized students about creating a sustainable environment through the vermi-composting, solar panel and rain water harvesting. “Students very actively participated in the project including taking notes and in various activities like poster making, slogan writing, quiz competition etc. Merit and participation certificates were given to students along with plants and compost to promote environment sustainability,” said Garg.

According to Brig Kapur, the key objective of the campaign was to motivate students to come up with their own ideas to improve and conserve environment and implement their ideas in the form of actions. “13 out of 20 most air polluted cities across the world are from India, and Delhi is on the top of it. Also, almost 80 % of the water bodies in India are highly polluted. So this campaign will help in spreading awareness about the pollution and its remedial measures among the children who are the citizens of tomorrow and most vulnerable population affected by environmental pollution,” said Brig Kapur who added that pollution prevention is a major global concern because of the harmful effects of pollution on a person’s health and on the environment. “It comes in various forms, such as: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution etc. and as such, needs to be addressed and sensitised at young levels.”

CEIS has been active in Noida for the last 16 years in the fields of solid waste management (SWM), environmental education and training, cultivation and beneficial uses of herbs, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, biodiversity and resource conservation and other eco-friendly activities.

School: Laxmi Public School, Model National Public School

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