Kids showed talent in Arts and Crafts Competition

July 9, 2017, Noida

Arts and CraftsYoGems Monsoon Arts and Crafts Competition

YoGems organised a lucrative Arts and Crafts Competition for boys and girls in which around 160 kids from various reputed schools in NCR participated and showcased their talent at Raghav Public School.

The Event was inaugurated by Ms Supriti Chauhan, Principal Raghav Global School, Art Gallery Easel Stories Director Mr. Pranav Chandra and renowned sculpture artist Mr. Ravinder Verma. Event has Arts and Crafts judges from Gyaneshwari Institute.
Kids participated with enthusiasm and energy. Following are the results.

Under – 5 Years
In Arts category Mohib Lodhi bagged first, Sarvika Singh got second second and Anas Eqbal got the Third position.
In Crafts, Sarvika Singh bagged first and Adith Gorle came second.

5 – 7 Years
In Arts category Lavanya Wanchoo bagged first, Kartik Srivas Second and Gorma Wanchoo got third position.
In Crafts, Gorma Wanchoo bagged first, Asmi Garg Second and Lavanya Wanchoo got third position.

7 – 9 Years
In Arts category Prachi Choudhary bagged first, Adarsh Rawat got second and Adtitya Kumar got third position.

9 – 11 Years
In Arts category Edita Singh bagged first, Akshara Gorle got seocnd and Abhik Roy got third position.
In Crafts, Akshara Gorle bagged First, Parthvi Agarwal got second and Arshiya Arora got third position.

11 – 13 Years
In Arts category Shreya Gupta bagged first, Kashish Nagar got second and Dikshant Kumar got third position.
In Crafts, Tarun Nagar bagged First, Dhruv Kalshan got second position and Aashi Mehto got third position.

13 – 15 Years
In Arts category Rakhi Yadav bagged first, Shrishty Singh bagged Second and Gautam Kumar got third position.
In Crafts, Harsh Chauhan bagged first, Rakhi Yadav bagged second and Aditya Kumar, Shiwang Kashyap both got third position.

School: Delhi Public School, Little Genius School, Delhi Public School, Greater Noida World School, Ryan International School, Kothari International School, Ryan International School, RSJMS Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, RSJMS Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, Lotus Valley International School, Raghav Global School, Mayoor School Noida, Manav Rachna International School, Ryan International School, Vidya Bharati School, Sumermal Jain Public School, Govt. Boys. Sr. Sec. School

Student: Sarvika Singh, Mohib Lodhi, Anas Ahmad, Lavanya wanchoo, Gorma Wanchoo, Asmi Garg, Prachi Choudhary, Abhik Roy, Akshara Gorle, Adarsh Rawat, Edita Singh, Parthvi Agarwal, Arshiya Arora, SHREYA GUPTA, Kashish Nagar, Dikshant Kumar, Tarun Nagar, Dhruv Kalshan, Aashi Mehto, Rakhi Yadav, Shrishty Singh, Gautam Kumar, Harsh Chauhan, Shiwang Kashyap

Tournament: YoGems Monsoon Arts and Crafts Competition

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