‘Khedo Punjab’ to promote sports among students

June 20, 2018, Amritsar


Reference: http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/amritsar/-khedo-punjab-to-promote-sports-among-students/607439.html

After “Padho Punjab” initiative, the state education board is all set for “Khedo Punjab” to promote sports among the students at government schools.

The aim of the project is to involve students into sports to keep them away from drug abuse and to encourage them towards fitness. As per the guidelines, the schools shall start their day by conducting morning assembly with drum, yoga and PT. Besides, the district education officers have been asked to form various committees to conduct various tournaments at block levels to ensure that the plan is implemented properly.

Deputy DEO (SE) Rekha Mahajan, said, “The plan is to help school kids to have an inclination for sports. The idea is to promote sports, so that they can see a career in sports. The programme will also strike a balance between sports and studies. It is meant to focus on sports and studies equally.”

The district education authorities will also be organising centre, zonal, block and district levels sports competitions and various panels having physical education teachers shall be formed. Sports have been made compulsory for each student. The school with no playgrounds will have to use playgrounds of the nearby schools. The schools having a good playground have been asked to build a track in their schools.

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