ISSF World Championship: Olympian Anjum Moudgil finishes sixth in 50m rifle 3P

October 22, 2022

ShootingISSF World Championship


Olympian Anjum Moudgil made the women’s 50-metre rifle 3-position event with a score of 587 but ended sixth in the World Championship in Cairo, Egypt, on Friday.

In an intense battle for the gold, Miao Wanru of China prevailed over Jenny Stene of Norway 17-13, after the two had tied in qualification with 592, and the Norwegian had shot 1.1 point better in the second stage.

In junior men’s air pistol, Sagar Dangi was unable to drive home his supremacy after dominating qualification with 588 and leading the second stage, as Gao Jinkang of China recorded a 16-12 triumph in the gold match. Varun Tomar won the bronze while Samrat Rana missed out on the medal round, on a lower score of inner-10s and placed ninth.

There was another bronze for India in the junior mixed team event in air rifle, as Nancy and Sri Karthik Sabari Raj beat the Swedish duo of Amanda Karlsson and Victor Lindgren 16-8.

The results:

50m rifle 3-position: Women: 1. Miao Wanru (Chn) 17 (411.4) 592; 2. Jenny Stene (Nor) 13 (412.5) 592; 3. Jeanette Duestad (Nor) 410.0 (591); 6. Anjum Moudgil 355.4 (587); 33. Ashi Chouksey 582; 53. Sift Kaur Samra 577.

10m air pistol: Junior men: 1. Gao Jinkang (Chn) 16 (252.2) 578; 2. Sagar Dangi 12 (253.8) 588; 3. Varun Tomar 251.3 (583); 9. Samrat Rana 576.

10m air rifle: Junior mixed team: 1. China (Shen Ying, Du Linshu) 17 (629.2); 2. Serbia (Alexsandra Havran, Marko Ivanovic) 7 (629.8); 3. India-2 (Nancy, Sri Karthik Sabari Raj) 16 (629.1); 4. Sweden (Amanda Karlsson, Victor Lindgren) 8 (625.1); 3. China-2 (Liu Yafei, Zhu Mingshuai) 16 (628.0); 4. USA (Camryn Cam, Rylan Kissell) 0 (626.0).

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