International Schools Compete in the Bangalore Activities and Athletics Conference (BAASC) at Stonehill International School

February 22, 2020, Bangalore

AthleticsBAASC Girls’ High School Basketball Championships


The Bangalore Activities and Athletics School Conference (BAASC) is a competitive inter-school sports tournament for students of Stonehill International School, Canadian International School, Bangalore International School, and Trio World Academy. The BAASC conducts athletic competitions throughout the academic year. Stonehill International School recently hosted the BAASC Swim Meet and the BAASC Girls’ High School Basketball Championships in their state-of-the-art sporting facilities. The competition involved participation of students from middle school as well as high school, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.

The recently concluded Swim Meet was held on 17th February 2020 and the Girls’ Basketball Championships concluded on 18th February 2020.

In the Swim Meet, Canadian International School dominated the Middle School competition with a total of 47 points followed by Stonehill with 29 points and Bangalore International finished third with 19 points. In the High School competition, Canadian International School and Stonehill International School were far ahead of the others. Canadian International School edged out Stonehill International School scoring 48 to 42. Trio World Academy came in a distant third with 18 points. With their two convincing victories, Canadian International School took home the overall cup!

Middle School:
1st Canadian International School
2nd Stonehill International School
3rd Bangalore International School

High School:
1st Canadian International School
2nd Stonehill International School
3rd Trio World Academy

Overall School Champions:
1st place Canadian International School
2nd place Stonehill International School
3rd place Bangalore International School

The BAASC Girls’ Basketball Championships witnessed a large audience with fans rocking the roof with excitement as they witnessed some extremely competitive games. The championship game between Bangalore International School and Stonehill International School was a back and forth struggle, creating a frenzy of excitement for the audience. With just seconds left to finish and the home team in the lead by 3 points, Bangalore International School’s Rida shot a buzzer beater just before the clock ended at 0:00, counting the final three points and sending the game into overtime.

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