Indonesia declared inauguration of 18th Asian Games showcasing best of Indonesian tradition

August 19, 2018, Delhi

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The most awaited games fest of Asian countries finally floored with great lighting and traditional performances from the Indonesian performers. On Saturday, the Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially announced the launch of 18th Edition of Asian Games in the chief Malaysian stadium Bung Kardo located in Jakarta.

Over 40,000 artists along with traditional dancers and nation’s top singers featured Indonesian huge tradition in form of the inauguration ceremony. The world witnessed great lightning show and formed a glimpse of art performances just like the Common Wealth Games launched in Delhi’s JLN Stadium few years back.

Cherishing Indonesia’s Debut Memory for hosting Asian Games in 1962, New Chapter was added to the nation’s glorifying history
As per the records, over 50,000 spectators around the world joined Jakarta in welcoming the sports identity of different Asian Nations. Indonesia demonstrated the visuals from the 1962 Asian Games as an ode to the debut start of Asian Games in the nation. The heart whelming performances from artists and magical lightshow were the highlights of opening ceremony of 2018 Asian Games.

Neeraj Chopra flag

Youngster Neeraj proudly waved Indian Delegation while monitoring Indian Sports Stars
Some memorable scenes were witnessed by the world during the flag-bearing ceremony of the 18th Asian Games. Afghanistan was the first in the line team to march pass the stadium and taking greatful wishes of the spectators. Indian side waved the Indian pride the tri-colour flag at the 9th position in the marching ceremony. Javelin Thrower Neeraj Chopra monitored Indian all-sports team as the head of the night holding Indian Flag.
During the flag march, for the first time in history of any games event, North Korea and South Korea marched under same banner offering the message of unity between both the nations.

Some remarkable history written as the record of 18th Asian Games

  • With 986 total participating members from the hosting team Indonesia. They emerged as the largest unit of the participants with 986 athletes in the Asian Games 2018.
  • Brunei marked history with least populated count of Athletes in the Asian Games. Total 15 athletes from the South Asian coastal Island country participated in the mega Asian Event. The count labeled the team lowest number of participation from the side.
  • Over 2200 students from the different schools of the Jakarta region and Indonesian part charged up the environment with breath-taking performances during the duration of the inauguration ceremony.

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