India’s golfer Bhullar attains spot in the final round of Fiji International Tournament

August 4, 2018, Delhi


Indian Golfer Gagan Jeet Bhullar grabbing steady stick after few mistakes in the initial round of the match has marked his entry in the final league of Fiji International Tournament.

Showcasing mediocre game in the initial part of the game Bhullar ended his part in the game with 69 points in the final stage game. Bhullar ended his part in the tournament with 5th spot in the ranking of the championship and finds entry to the final stage matches to be played later.

Bhullar is now stands just 6 shots behind the ace spot gainer New Zealand’s Ben Campbell. India’s golfer Ajitesh Sandhu also made his entry to the final cut of the match. On the other hand Shiv Kapur and Chirag Kumar were not able to made it to the final cut and were disqualified from the initial stage of the championship.

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