India’s ace javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra sparkles France with golden colors

July 19, 2018

AthleticsNeeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra maintains his capability to outshine in javelin throw tournaments by a striking gold medal in the International de Sotteville-Les-Rouen in France on Tuesday. Chopra, who had won previously gold medal in the Common Wealth Games 2018 edition, threw 85.17 meters javelin to earn the top spot in the tournament.

Neeraj has now comfortably achieved his positioning as the top Javelin Thrower from India by proving his strength and accuracy yet again and by winning the game last evening with a great margin.

While Neeraj comfortably stands at the top of the podium with 85.17 m distance, Adrian Mardare of Moldova grabbed the second spot in the tournament after covering a distance of 81.48m. Lithuanian player Edis Matusevicius captured the bronze medal in the tournament by covering 79.31m distance.

Neeraj’s performance in all his attempts was phenomenal as he managed to strike the qualification mark with great margin in all his attempts. Although, his highest distance came with 85.17 m mark came in the 5th attempt, Neeraj was inches close to the record eventually in his third attempt.

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