India won 8 medals in Makran Cup

March 1, 2019


In Makran Cup, Chabahar, Iran India won 8 medals one gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze. Deepak Singh (49kgs) a National Champion won gold by defeating Jaafar Naseri, the final match took place on Monday. P Lalitha Prasad (52 Kgs), Manish Kaushik(60Kgs), Duryodhan Singh Negi (69Kgs), Sanjeet (91Kgs) and Satish Kumar(+91Kgs) are the silver medalist.

Manish lost to Danial Shah Baksh, Satish lost to Mohammad Mlias, Sanjeet lost to Eldin Ghossoun, Prasad lost to Omid Safa Ahmedi and Duryodhan lost to Sajjad Zadeh Kezim. Rohit Tokas (64Kgs) and Manjeet Singh panghal (75Kgs) lose in semifinals and achieve bronze medals.

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