India: A new hub for Winter Sports

Most of the people think that Indian weather and sub continent conditions are not ideal for the prosper of winter sports in India. The popular perception for people around the world is India is hot, dusty and sweaty country where winter sports would only be possible with artificially created space.

The above mentioned thoughts are just imaginable as outside world today itself visualize India as a ‘snake charmer’ country. If you love to explore the unknown horizons, you don’t have to book expensive trips to Switzerland. You can unleash the adventurous self by partaking winter sports especially in Northern Himalayan region such as Himachal, Uttrakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

India’s mighty rugged snow-clad Himalayan ranges serve as the ideal venues for zealous activities that can be done during the winter time. The sports categories enlisted below are some popular yet most demanding winter sports in India. Do not forget to pack dozens of heavy woolens with you along with the activity gears.

  • Skiing: The ultimate Winter Sports of India

  • Skiing

    Skiing enthusiast from not only different parts of India but all around the world visit Himalayan region while hunting for ideal spot for skiing. Every year areas like Auli, Gulmarg, Manali, Pahalgam, Dayara Bugyal, Sikkim, Uttrakhand hosts skiing lovers.

    Gulmarg and Auli of the above mentioned list are the popular destinations for the skiing admirers. Separate category of options are available for professionals, as well as for the amateurs at these spots. You will find trainers and instructors with sort of experience to teach you the right way of skiing down the slopes. You can visit these places for enjoying Alpine skiing, Freestyle skiing and Military skiing majorly.

  • Snowboarding

  • snow boarding

    Snowboarding is regarded as new category of winter sports being started in India, the sport is gaining positive admiration from the winter sports lovers around the world. The activity includes a fiberglass board connected with the rider’s feet and implements usage of special mounted shoes, with some balancing you can zip down the mountain. Freestyle snowboarding is another type of snowboarding where one performs number of tricks on a man-made terrain.

    The activity looks simple but demands lots of practice and right sort of balancing skills. You can try out Snowboarding in Auli, Gulmarg and Manali (Solang Valley).

  • Ice Skating

  • ice skating india

    Regarded as one of the most flourished winter sports in India, Ice Skating has its own Association just like other popular games. All the events for the Ice Skating in India is taken care by Ice Skating Association of India. Shimla is great destination to try out your feet for skating in the ice field. Ice Skating Carnival is organized every year in Shimla in the month of January. Apart Shimla as the ideal destination; Auli, Kufri, Narkanda, Manali are the other popular ice skating destinations of India.

  • Trekking

  • Trek

    Trekking is ideal choice for the winter sports lovers of India that demands high fitness level as well as the tolerance capability. Most of the winter treks in India are shorter and low in latitude, the situation doesn’t mean that they are not thrilling and without any challenging situation. Trekking in India’s hilly area will allow you to witness breathtaking panoramic views of snow capped peaks and tranquil wilderness. For best of the trekking experience, you can visit Kanchenjunga trek, Nanda Devi trek, Kedarkantha Winter trek, Darwa Pass Winter trek, Hampta Pass trek and Chadar Frozen River trek.

  • Snow Sledding

  • snow sledding

    Snow Sledding is popularly categorized as dog sledding is a sport that involves slipping down from the peak of mountain in a wooden sledge with sort of twists, turns and bumps. Nathatop, Rohtang, Gulmarg or Auli are the popular places in india where you can try out this sledding thrill.

  • Ice Hockey

  • ice skatin

    From the past couple of decades, Ice Skating is emerging out as a new favorite winter sports for the sports enthusiasts. Supply of ice hockey turfs are accelerating at the higher altitudes of India. As of now only professional hockey players have access for using these turfs but tourists can also visit the place and try out their hand in the activity. Shimla, Ladakh and Kashmir are suitable destinations where you can enjoy this chilled version of hockey.

Along with the above mentioned types of winter sports, ice skating, snow cycling, snow football are some other winter sports activities in India. Try out all, but don’t forget to tell us your experience and most amazing winter sports as per you from the above mentioned list.



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