IAF vs Indian Army match end on exciting note of 12-11

April 7, 2019, Chandigarh

Cycle PoloCycle Polo

14th Federation Cup Cycle Polo (Men’s) Championship, Chandigarh Indian Air Force (IAF) defeat Indian Army by 12-11. The tournament was organized by the Air Force Sports Control Board at the 3 Base Repair Depot and eight teams Army, Territorial Army, Indian Air Force, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh took part in it.

IAF Jiji Raj score 5 goals and became the top scorer of IAF and Santosh Rao score 6 goals and became the top scorer for Indian Army. When match started it was looking like that IAF was a king and Indian Army was nothing in front of them but Indian Army team come up with a bang in 4th and final round and narrowed the margin. West Bengal defeat Kerala by 9-3, and Territorial Army defeat Uttar Pradesh by 18-1 in the last match of the day.

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